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    Go Stylish With Saint Laurent Bags!

    My love for handbags never ends. I have a huge collection of many different branded bags and I flaunt each one of them with happiness. Saint Laurent Bag is the recent addition to my bag collection. The leather, color and the overall look of the bag urged me to buy one for me. I should say the quality is fantastic and is highly durable. I was guaranteed by the store manager that the bag will last for long years without any wear and tear. The surprising thing is it comes with 2-3 years warranty. Great!

    And yes, the bag is quite expensive. Still, it is hand-crafted in a way that it does full justice to the dollars spent on it. The bag looks so rich and it is more like a pride symbol. A lot of colors ranging from standard black color to super cool olive green are available, but I chose black as I felt it looked royal and black is my favorite color too.

    I carry it to the office, parties and even while I travel. The best thing is that the bag goes well with all the outfits, no matter if it is formals or casuals. The bag is big enough to accommodate my mobile, charger, power bank, and cosmetics. The smaller compartments inside the bag come with a zip and they are designed to keep keys, pen drives and coins safe.

    The bag holds an additional strap, that turns it into a cross bag. Saint Laurent Bags are special that they look fashionable even after decades. I haven’t seen any replica of this bag, which is a good thing. I am thoroughly happy with the purchase. If you are looking for trendy bags with long life, just go for it. You will thank me later.

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    Love For Budget Toys

    As a mother of a toddler, I always want to make sure that I am getting the right toys for my kid appropriate to his age. Hundreds and thousands of toys are available in the market in a wider range of price. But I do not want to spend too much on toys as kids can’t play with them when they outgrow that age. My preference is budget friendly, educational toys. 3-5 years is the stage where they grasp an infinite number of things and their brain attains maximum growth.

    Fischer Price, Playskool, Leapfrog are standard brands which are made of kids friendly stuff. Though expensive, I usually buy them in the sale. Recently, I gifted a small kitchen toy set for my kid’s birthday. The best thing is I got this great toy on a budget. I don’t want to fit in the cliché that kitchen toys are for girls. My son absolutely admired the set and he cooks, bakes chops veggies in his super cute kitchen. A small sink is attached to it and he cleans all his small vessels once everything is done and put them back in place.

    He learned almost all the kitchen related terms through the toy set. Another favorite toy of my kid is a puzzle. Every time I get him a puzzle, my son gets super thrilled and excited and then immediately start to play with it. Of course, with my assistance. Puzzles are relatively inexpensive and it is a great way to develop the kid’s analytical skills.

    We do toys exchange at times. Yes! We exchange some of the toys of my toddler with his friend’s toys. After a few days or week, we return back their respective toys. This gives the happiness of playing with a variety of toys to the kids. It costs nothing!