Publication date: Spring 2015

SPEAK UP! Help students voice their thoughts this Rosh Hashana

Fruits a the shuk SPEAK UP! Happy Rosh Hashana

The New Year is a time to imagine changes and challenges. Giving voice to our hopes and dreams are steps toward defining these aspirations. And what is the first step to achieving these goals? Voicing them! Learning to express what we want is the first step, and not an easy one, in moving towards a goal. As Channah says in the Haftorah portion that is read on the Shabbat of Rosh Hashana: וָאֶשְׁפֹּךְ אֶת נַפְשִׁי “I have poured out my soul.”

Parents and teachers help children learn to express desires without selfishness or shame. Suggest that each child come up with three wishes : one for themselves, one for another person and one for everyone. You may be surprised to learn what’s on their minds.

Rosh Hashana is a time to think and to encourage,to reflect about how we can improve our world. Put their important words around the room. Quote them as we quote famous people, as visual reminders for the coming year.


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